Health benefits of drinking warm lemon water in morning

 Health benefits of drinking warm lemon water in morning

The presence of citric acid, calcium, magnesium, bioflavonoid, pectin, limonene and Vitamin C like health benefiting constituents in lemons is the reason that lemons have been utilized for its miraculous health maintaining benefits for centuries. The best characteristic properties of lemons include their anti bacterial and anti viral nature, besides they are helpful in immune system implementing, liver cleansing and weight loss.  You can also utilise all of these health benefits of lemons but by taking them in a proper procedure.

Follow this method:

Take a glass full of filtered water and heat it till it becomes lukewarm but not fuming hot. Do not use too cold water because it could mess up with your stomach. After than slice the lemon into two parts and squeeze out one half of the lemon in your glass which you have filled with lukewarm water. Only use naturally grown lemons, not artificial lemon drinks. Now your miraculous heath drink is ready to be sipped but remember to drink it before you eat anything in the morning. It should be the first thing you taste in the morning.

Let’s take a glimpse at the best health benefits of lemon juice:

Step’s up Digestion: Due to the presence of high amount of vitamins and minerals along with saliva and HCL lookalike components makes stomach to release adequate amount of bile juice. Thus it removes all the toxic waste from your body taking lemon everyday in the morning will tune up your stomach and get you rid of problems like bloating, heartburn, etc.  

Body cleansing: Lemon juice increases your rate of urination and lets you expel the toxic wastes from your body. As lemon contains good amount of citric acid, it boosts the enzymatic rate of your body and helps in detoxification of toxins.

Immune Booster: Lemon juice is an all-rounder when it comes to immune combat. It’s presence of vitamin C, potassium, saponins get’s you rid of a lot of unpleasant health problems. Due to potassium, your blood pressure remains in check besides maintain nerve and brain performance. Ascorbic acid is well known for anti inflammatory activities, and aids in variety of respiratory problems. Its saponin part is good for avoiding cold and flu like diseases.   

Maintains PH level: Although lemons are considered acidic as far as their own nature is concerned but the citric acid in lemons is metabolised without being acidic and there for lemon acts as a great alkalising agent. Stomach problems most commonly knock at your door when your stomach has acidic PH but if you will take lemon juice every morning, it will keep your stomach alkalized for all day long.  

Energy provider: Lemons are rich in energy replenishing elements which can easily fresh you up. Its scent is an amazing mood changer and gets you out of depressing state into the good mood within a jiffy.

Weight Loss: Lemons have been used by people since a long time ago for its weight loss properties. It’s presence of pectin fibre makes you less crave for hunger which ultimately helps you lose weight drastically by controlling your diet. 

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