Health benefits of honey

Health benefits of honey

It’s a true fact that water is the universal elixir of life but considering the health benefits of honey, it’s also regarded as the golden elixir of life produced of flower nectar by the alchemist bees. This golden elixir tastes sweet and has been put to use by human since early times. The colour gradients as well as its delicious taste alone are enough to make you crave for this nectar but nature has added it with such nutrients and elements which makes it a must have drink for your health. Honey contains least water content and is dense in nature, composed of such materials that make it such a special substance that it never spoils no matter for how long you keep it preserved. 

You can find the honey pots of Egyptian times still preserved if you can rewind the pages of history. Besides being used for its taste, it finds applications in its medical values, and is also used as a sweetening agent since ages. Its chemical composition confirms honey to be anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, etc in nature being used as an extensive medicinal remedy. Let’s browse through some of the most essential health benefits of honey.

Anti- allergic: Due to the anti inflammatory nature of honey, it is used in soothing cough and it is being alleged that honey can act as an anti allergic substance, preventing people from acquiring seasonal allergies. Since honey comes from nectar, it is present with the traces of pollen grains in it. 

These traces of pollen grains present in honey acts as natural vaccines which build up immune response in the body against pollen grains. By taking honey regularly, you can build up a a strong immune response against pollen infection and thus reduce seasonal allergic symptoms.  

Energy Boosting Drink: Honey is a tremendous energy source containing 17grams of carbohydrates in each tablespoon. It’s presence of fructose and glucose makes these sugars to quickly enter your blood transportation and boost up your energy in no time. Honey can act as a perfect work out drink because of its ability to provide energy boost for short span of time.

Aids Memory: Presence of anti oxidants in this elixir makes it effective in neutralising harmful agents which cause damage to your brain cells. As per the experimentation, it was found that honey can assist menopausal women in improving short term memory power. It has go the ability to absorb calcium and helps in improving brain health. Poor intake of these vitamins and minerals in our body is the main cause of dementia as per Brennecke.

Checks Cough: The cough caused due to cold is too hard to get rid of .But it has been found that just few tablespoons of honey is enough to suppress the cough. It shields your throat and nerve endings making you stop the cough. Although it’s a natural substance but honey is considered to be as powerful as dextromethorphan.

Sleeplessness: It’s a common problem found in people these days and the also the common problem to be ignored. But actually sleep is essential for your physical as well as mental well being. This menace of sleeplessness is enough to trigger problems like depression and dementia. However honey has been found to be present with certain amino acids like tryptophan, honey rises up your insulin level and makes this amino acid to enter your brain where it eventually gets converted into melatonin which is responsible for invoking your sleep and wake cycles.

Hair treatment: It has been practically evaluated that honey is effective in reducing dandruff and other skin lesions. Due to the anti fungal and anti bacterial property of honey, it can get you rid of dandruff and other skin problems by checking fungal growth. Its anti inflammatory nature also plays role in reducing hair itching.

Wound and skin burn Healer: Honey is a natural antibiotic which can be used to treat wounds and burns both internally as well as externally. It is due to presence of methylglyoxal in honey coming from manuka trees. This property of honey along with rest of the others have been utilised by people since the dawn of the Egyptian times.

Anti tumour properties: Believe it or not, with day to day increase in scientific investigations, it has been found that honey contains anti carcinogen and anti tumour properties. A lot of research is still in progress evaluating the anti cancer nature of honey.

Vinegar- Honey remedy: On mixing up with vinegar, the combined drink is able to treat patients of eczema, arthritis, obesity, indigestion, etc. Its anti oxidant rich nature makes this elixir an anti aging supplement. It can also check food poisoning, high cholesterol, high B.P and other ailments. You can prepare this drink by mixing half / full table spoon of vinegar and half / full tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and stir it. It’s recommended to drink it once or twice daily.

Honey – Cinnamon remedy:  It is the most extensively used healing remedy all over the world and has its originated from both Chinese and ayurveda. This mixture has got strong anti microbial properties and checks the growth of bacteria on wounds. The contribution of essential oils from cinnamon alongside with acids like hydrogen peroxide makes this mixture a strong healing remedy. 

This mixture also plays role in preventing hearth strokes and hypercholesterolemia by presenting blockage of blood vessels.  It’s other uses are toothache prevention, bladder infection prevention, hair loss prevention, maintaining longevity, pimple prevention, obesity prevention, etc.   The insulin boosting property of both the agents helps patients suffering from obesity and diabetes. Daily garling with this mixture can provide you with fresh breath for all day long. 

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